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Bogdanovsky Vladimir Andreevich, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, head of sub-department of labor economy, All-Russian Research Institute of Production Organization, Labor and Management in Agricultural Industry (15 Orenburgskaya street, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. Nowadays, at exhaustion of factors of extensive development of the economy, labor performance improvement becomes the key condition of economic growth and competitiveness provision of Russia in the world market. Therefore, the problem shall be an object of the closest attention of state bodies and science. The research purpose consists in an assessment of current trends in labor productivity in the agricultural industry, its influences on competitiveness and profitability of work in the industry.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented on the basis of a study of official documents of the Russian Federation, including the Plan of activeties on ensuring labor performance improvement, creation and upgrade of highproductive workplaces, the State programm of development of agricultural industry in 2008–2012 and 2013–2020, materials of the ILO and UN on the need for transition of the world economy to a new paradigm of development providing social justice, worthy workplaces and opportunities for all. The research methodology was based on the dialectic approach in analyzing cause-and-effect relations using the regression method for labor productivity factors evaluation.
Results. The author comparatively analyzed the labor productivity in the agricultural industry of Russia at the intercountry, cross-industry and intra-branch levels, assessed the potential of factors of its increase, discussed the influence of labor productivity on competitiveness of the agrarian economy and labor profitability in the industry, as well as developed enhancement paths for the criteria basis of identification of high-productive workplaces as one of management tools of labor performance improvement.
Conclusions. To overcome a very essential lagging in labor productivity of the Russian agrarian sector from its main competitors in production of agricultural products it is necessary to intensify the system approach in the agrarian policy of the state with an emphasis on the technical and technological component and profitability of work. In this regard, the economic science faces a task of development of the theory and methodology of enhancement of the tool base of managerial impact on labor performance improvement in the economy.

Key words

labor productivity, agricultural industry, factors, influence on competitiveness and work profitability, high-productive workplaces, indentification indicators

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